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David Adedeji Adeleke, known professionally as Davido, is currently on an extensive promotional tour in the USA for his new album, Timeless. During his tour, he had the opportunity to speak with Atlanta’s popular hip-hop station, Hot 107.9, while traveling to various cities.

Davido expressed great pride in the success of his album, highlighting its remarkable numbers and record-breaking achievements. Timeless holds a special place for him, as it marks his return to the music scene following a significant hiatus. He emphasized the immense effort that he and his team put into creating the album.

Despite personal challenges, including the loss of his child, Davido expressed gratitude for being in a better mental state. He attributed part of his healing journey to his dedication to fitness and appreciated the ability to work and express his creativity in the radio studio.

The success of Timeless has played a crucial role in Davido’s healing process. After a three-month break, he returned to the studio and collaborated with various producers. Working closely with them, along with new artists and writers, Davido crafted an album with meticulous production.

As summer is synonymous with festivals, Davido embarked on the Timeless tour, starting in Washington, D.C., and concluding in Atlanta. Notably, he plans to establish an annual Afrobeats music festival called A.W.A.Y Fest on November 18 in Atlanta, where he shares a special connection with Lagos due to his frequent travels between the two cities.

Davido recognized a lack of awareness about Africa among people in the USA, which motivated him to create the festival. He aims to showcase emerging African talent alongside established artists, providing them with a platform to perform in the USA. Additionally, the festival will incorporate West African food and fashion, offering an immersive cultural experience.

During his interview with Hot 107.9, Davido discussed the significance of Drake discovering his Nigerian roots and highlighted the festival’s role in bringing Africa closer to the USA while showcasing the continent’s diversity. He emphasized the need for better education about Africa in the USA, drawing from his own experiences studying there. The festival will also introduce Nigerian cuisine to American audiences.

Switching gears to his recent album, Davido shared his penchant for creating viral records and social media challenges. He jokingly suggested that these singles focus on making women feel good and bringing financial abundance. One such single, “Unavailable,” gained widespread popularity through its associated social media challenge.

Overall, Davido’s Timeless album and tour signify his remarkable achievements and determination to bridge cultural gaps between Africa and the USA. Through his festival and music, he aims to enlighten audiences, promote African talent, and create a memorable cultural experience.

Words By: Daniel Nzohabonimana

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