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When you take a walk down memory lane, you’ll remember the exciting times when Craig David blessed the streets with his Born To Do It LP in the early 2000s – an album that birthed gems like Walking Away, 7 Days, Rendez-vous, and more. To this day, most of the songs on the album sound fresh and by every metric, it is a classic.

Although Craig David has been off the music scene for a while now, he obviously still has the juice. It was a thing of joy to refresh memories with most of his classic songs as the R&B maestro touched down in Lagos State, Nigeria, and gave them an amazing experience performing his classic songs at the Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged/Flytime Fest 2022.

With 12 total awards, 2 Grammy nominations, 25 top 40 singles, and over 5 billion streams across all credits, Craig David remains a household name in the British music industry and an icon of R&B.

David’s earliest exposure came when he worked on a B-side to British group Damage’s cover of ‘Wonderful Tonight‘, on the track ‘I’m Ready‘. He then started doing vocals for the English garage duo Artful Dodger, on tracks such as ‘Something‘ and ‘What Ya Gonna Do‘. After he finally released his omnivorous debut album ‘Born To Do It’ in 2001, the album went on to debut at number 1 on the UK album charts, selling over 7.5 million copies worldwide, a huge feat for a UK R&B artist, and has since been certified 6× Platinum. At the time, he was only 19 years old.

The reactions to David’s performance at the Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged/Flytime Music Festival in Lagos were mindblowing. He expressed on stage how excited he was to be in Lagos as it will his first performance in the country. He showed Lagos he still has the juice just like in the early 2000s, he delivered an amazing, energetic, and nostalgic performance. David also brought his TS5 set to the delight of the excited audience who partied to the old skool classic records.

The crowd went wild when he finally performed Walking Away and 7 Days – the most successful songs on his Born To Do It album. The post-performance reactions were amazing and for many, it brought back the memories of the good old days when those songs were played from designated music players and radios as there were no smartphones and streaming services.

Footage from the event is below.

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