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KC, born and raised in Derby he has always had a love for music that developed at a young age as he quite often watched his father as a DJ. This led him to grow a certain level of curiosity with music. After leaving school KC founded Coldasever Records, which is now a well-known studio space in the heart of Derby. You may also find that he offers his engineering and production skills to many up and coming artists and other creatives. 


The East Midlands newcomer has returned with a mini-EP that is titled ‘Chania’. The release of the mini-EP will be following on from ‘Know Me’ from KC that was released in February earlier of this year. He’s got something more for us as we are moving through the summer nights!


This mini-EP will be released this evening July 27th, 2022. ‘Chania’ will feature two tracks ‘Highly Favoured’ and ‘Cali in The Sand’. Already being described as “Brief escape”, this comes with appreciation and gratuity of all matters that you as the listener are surrounded by. All while KC continues to showcase his talent by Silky melodies and feel good energy. All the more reason he has so much potential to become a reputable name. 



The mini-EP will be accompanied by a vlog-style music video. In the music video you will find that it opens up with ‘Highly Favoured’. Focused on the idea that he and his friends were headed to Greece for a get away. The music video will capture some of the highlighted moments of their get away, anywhere from hanging out on the beach, creating some music while back at the hotel room, along with an outing to the club. Before closing out the vlog will end with ‘Cali in The Sand’. 


Speaking of the release KC himself explained as “Chania was a time for me and the guys to slow down and appreciate what we have, instead of being stuck on what we want”


KC definitely has many listeners excited in anticipation as what may be a very reputable year ahead with his talent and creations! 

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