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 Khalil has unveiled the video for  “CONFLICT”, the warmup single from his forthcoming EP A Cold Hearted Summer,  due for release in 2022. 

The release of “CONFLICT” follows the successes of recent tracks “2 Mill”, which  Madovi produced for Sam Wise’s Free Game mixtape – marked as one of the  projects of the year by Wonderland – and “Running” which Madovi co-wrote with  Grammy nominated artist, Tom Tripp. Off the back of composing, music directing  and featuring in Can I Live?, an avant-garde theatre piece in collaboration with  Complicité and The Barbican, the visionary has now taken centre stage. Waking  music consumers up with the cinematic release of “CONFLICT”, Khalil Madovi has  set a precedent for the dynamic material to come. 

Thrilling and unapologetically open, “CONFLICT” is an anthem for all who know what  it is to have to choose between life’s “red and blue pills”. Written and Produced by  Madovi, “CONFLICT” arrives alongside an iconic self-directed video. Drawing from  his experience working with cinematic giants as a BAFTA winning actor, the video 

further showcases Khalil’s powerful ability to express those things that are often felt  but unsaid, visually as well as sonically. 

It has been a remarkable journey to where he finds himself now, having worked with  a varied yet star studded array of personnel, from IAMDDB to Steven Spielberg.  After some early success as a ‘soundcloud artist’, he opted to nurture his craft as a  Fine Art student at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design.  Since then, the graduate has stopped at nothing. Still aged just 24 years old, he has  clocked over 2.5 million streams as an artist/producer and has performed to sold out  crowds at the likes of KOKO and Jazz Cafe. 

Across his formative work, Madovi has written with startling vulnerability on young  love, identity, trust, and mental health – topics which are taken to greater heights  on “CONFLICT”. “It’s all about being honest, man. That’s where we find relationship,”  Madovi says now, “As human beings, relationship is how we are all connected.  Whilst a lot has changed for me, having taken some time out to develop myself  behind the scenes, that is one sentiment that has remained the same. In my work, I often ask questions about myself that I hope someone, somewhere can relate to.  That’s how I’m most concerned with resonating with people right now. There’s a lot  of a similar sentiment on the rest of the stuff I’ve got coming, too. It’s all about  learning yourself. Seeking truth.” 

“The song is an ode to those moments where we have to choose between life’s ‘red and blue pills’. As for genre/sound, it is a hard hitting, Hip-Hop track that has been compared to the likes of Travis Scott, Kanye West and Lancey Foux. Having had early successes as an artist/producer, I took a couple of years out to hone my craft, and ‘CONFLICT’ – as the warmup single for my 2022 EP ‘A Cold Hearted Summer’ –

Utilising music’s transcendent ability is Khalil’s special gift. Out of some troubling  times he has fashioned a sensational return, a track which can sit proudly on a  global stage in the new international school of Hip-Hop. In mood, if not exactly in  sound, it has some of the complete realisation of Kanye West or Don Toliver,  through early adulthood’s filter of existential growing pains. “I’ve learned so much  through letting go of the idea of me versus the reality of me. It’s a transitional place,  and it hurts a lot of the time. I just want people to know that no matter what your  situation may be, giving a voice to how you really, truly feel, is okay. Uncovering all  of that hidden shit, the stuff that stays in the shadows, is okay.” 

Now poised to join a long lineage of UK and global greats, his tireless focus and  drive are setting this new sensation up for great things in 2022. 


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