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She was one of the first female contenders to ever feature on Krept and Konan x DJ Target’s BBC Rap Game, and her career has been going from strength to strength since, with a number of respected singles released.

Mancunian rapper Lady Ice drops her latest song, “Up North”, produced by Drake-collaborator JBMADEIT. Known for her laser-sharp delivery, poignant storytelling and versatility, “Up North” is a playful and scorching track which is packed with no-nonsense wordplay and reflects on her proud Mancunian roots. It really illuminates her ability to encompass various genres, subcultures and her flourishing talent.

Talking about “Up North” Lady Ice says, “It’s the ultimate Northern anthem and what is missing from music conversations. I’m unapologetically showing my native tongue and being the fun me, content wise and sonically. ICE IS BACK! But to take over. You’re about to see a side you never witnessed on rap game.”

You can watch the video below.

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