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Khaby Lame’s background and journey are certainly ones that can inspire everyone to believe in their dreams. The TikTok creator moved to the small town of Chivasso, Northern Italy, at the age of one with his family. The 22-year-old launched his TikTop channel in March 2020 when he was discharged from a factory job at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

His phenomenal rise from his humble background has now made him the King of the 1 billion monthly users social media platforms with 142.8 million followers. Since uploading his first comic video that went viral in November 2020, Lame, he has so far overtaken the previous top TikTok creator Charlie D’Amelo with 142.3 followers.

His viral video was viewed more than 17 million times and what is funny about Lame’s videos is that he makes them without saying a word.Lame has now surpassed the usual hall of fame of TikTok creators like Addison Rae and Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson who are respectively followed by 87 million and 51 million followers.

Lame told Forbes that by joining TikTok his ambition was not to get rich or to become famous: “I love what I do and since I was a child I have always loved to make people laugh and use irony to entertain”. The reigning King of TitTok doesn’t stop here. He has been learning English and wants to move to America to star and act in movies.

From central Milan where he is based at the talent agency Iron Corporation, Lame is now looking over the Atlantic to pursue a career in Hollywood. “My points of reference are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy, two artists who have given me the strength to believe in myself.”

Khaby is inspired by the American stars he used to watch and is passionate about their comedy which he describes as unique and straight to the point.

“My dream is to become a comic actor, recording a movie with my idol Will and who knows, maybe even win an Oscar!” His dream collaboration with his idol Will Smith is one of the driving force for him to move to Hollywood. He additionally dreams to work with Eddie Murphy whom he views as a phenomenal actor.

Khaby is greatful for his unexpected fame on TikTok. It opened him tremendous opportunities to do what he loves and makes a difference in his community.



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As someone who used to live in social housing and working day and night in factories, Khaby is now able to help his family, old friends and charities work which is something close to his heart.

The self-described “regular kid” who is passionate about footbal, anime and entertaining those around him as a new journey of discovery. “What is absurd for me is the possibility of collaborating with the people that I have always followed and admired, such as Alessandro Del Piero, Zlatan Ibrahimović or Usain Bolt”.



Usually I always win but this time……I v waited a year for a worthy opponent?You r King #zlatanibrahimovic @Netflix #squidgame #leanfromkhaby

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As of 2022, Khabi Lame net worth is estimated to be $2 million and most of his fortune has been earned in recent months.

Also, he is earning an estimated salary of $200K every  month through brand endorsement and sponsorship proposals. According to sources, he charges around $50K for a single promotional video on TikTok. The King of Tiktok is now partnering with The Hugo Boss to star in a campaign surrounding its re-brand, and will also co-design a capsule collection with the fashion label as part of a multi-year pact.

Lame’s dream to move to Hollywood couldn’t cross his mind two years ago when he joined TikTok. His ultimate dream now is to move to Hollywood and  win an Oscar. “It would be the ultimate honor and that day I would say “Wow, I really made it”, concludes the reigning King of TikTok.











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